Building a Club Web Site

Assistance in preparing web pages is available from many web sites. Here are several you might find helpful. They are separated by category to help you find the information you are looking for. Click on the link to jump to sites that might help you.

General Information:

The following sites provide tutorials in the various facets of writing web pages:

The following free or low-cost programs are designed to help you work with web pages:

  • GIF Construction Set allows you to create moving gifs.
  • Mapedit allows you to make your own "ISMAPS", web page graphics which contain hyperlinks.
  • Paint Shop Pro is an excellent value for creating and editing graphics for use on the web.
  • NoteTab is a text editor what works as a replacement for the Windows Notepad which has some great features for people coding web pages by hand. (This page was done in it.)
  • HTML-Kit is a free program designed for web page authors.

Sites with information and tips on creating web sites:

Cascading Style Sheet Information:

Web Site Hosting Company Listings:

Validators to check your pages for errors:

Web Page Accessibility: