Hosting for Your Club's Web Site

You can purchase hosting for your club's web site here on You can maintain and build your own web site and either use ftp access to upload it, or send the files by e-mail to have an experienced webmaster post them for you.

This is a shared hosting situation, so the cost can be kept low. Because of the low cost, only annual subscriptions are available. See guarantees below for more information.

This offer is available only to Kiwanis clubs and divisions for web sites promoting your club or division, or to sites promoting Kiwanis-sponsored regional events.

Annual Package:
  • Web Site Hosting, up to 10 MB of files.
  • Unlimited updates.
  • 10 e-mail forwards (forwards to an individual's e-mail account.)
  • Password-protected folder (for member directory, for example).
  • No advertising will be placed on your site. (You are free to put advertising on your site if you wish.)
  • No setup fee.

      Cost: $40 per year

Domain Name Options:

You have two options for a domain name:

  • Use a domain name for your club ( This option allows e-mail addresses to use your own domain, such as will purchase the domain on your behalf, or an existing domain can be transferred to or pointed to Domains can be ".com", ".org", or ".info". While domain names depend on availability, putting your club's name and location together will most often work.

    You can suggest names and we will check to see if they are available for you if you wish.

  • Use for your domain. Your web address would be: E-mail addresses would be in the format
Domain Name Costs:
  • If purchases (or renews) a domain name on your behalf: $15 per year.
  • If you use as a domain name: No additional cost.
  • If you use a domain name previously purchased and paid for by your club: No additional cost.
Optional Services:
  • Additional e-mail forwards: $2 per year each. Forwards are available either from your own domain ( or from addresses on, (
  • Web Site Templates: The Kiwanis web site templates will be set up on your account for you if you wish. More information on them is available on the International web site.
  • Content Management: Inquire about options available, describing your club's needs.
  • Other needs: Send us an e-mail describing what you need and we will let you know if the need can be met and whether any additional fees might apply.
  • If at any time you would like to cancel the service, a pro-rated refund will be issued for the hosting fee. (No refund can be made for domain name fees.)
  • If you purchase your own domain name, it can be moved at any time to another service you designate. will not assert ownership of your domain name, even if we purchased it on your behalf.
Additional Questions or to Sign Up:

E-mail the webmaster for instructions on how to sign up or ask any questions you have about this service.

ICANN Advisories:

Since we are offering to buy domain names for your club's site, we are required to post these advisories from ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers):

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